Probable Futures Open Data Documentation

Welcome! This documentation describes how to access and use Probable Futures data and developer resources which include the Probable Futures maps, tilesets, API, raw data, and more.


Before creating anything with Probable Futures data or maps, we strongly recommend reading, or listening to the audio version of, all three volumes on Heat, Water, and Land. These volumes provide essential context for creating applications using Probable Futures maps and data. If you have not read or listened to the volumes and are ready to begin, start with the first section: Stability and the Heat Volume.

About Probable Futures

Probable Futures is a non-profit climate literacy initiative that makes practical tools, stories, and resources available online to everyone, everywhere. We offer educational materials and data tools to empower individuals, organizations, and governments to prepare for the futures that are likely, and work to avoid the ones that carry the most profound risks for our world.

To learn more about the Probable Futures organization, visit the About page.