Ways to access our data

Our data is designed to be accessed and used in many ways, such as:

  1. Using the API

    By using our API you can receive climate model data for any place in the world. Follow the instructions in API access for information on how to get access to the API. More instructions about how to use the API can be found in calling the API.

  2. Using Mapbox Studio

    This is a fast and easy way to get started with Probable Futures maps. Go to the Mapbox quick-start page and follow the instructions there to begin.

  3. Getting the data as CSV files

    By signing in to Probable Futures Pro, you gain access to advanced features including the ability to download datasets for all maps as CSV files. You can either download the complete data for a specific map or choose to download data for a particular country. Follow the steps:

    • Request access to Probable Futures Pro
    • After signing in, go to the datasets page
    • Scroll down to find a list of all the Probable Futures maps
    • Click the “Download” button next to the dataset you want to download
    • By default, all data is selected and you can click “Download” to begin downloading the full map dataset. If you would like to download data for a specific country, select the country in the dropdown. You can also select the columns to include in the CSV file.
  4. Request access to the NetCDF files

    Originally, the data is in NetCDF format. Please contact us if you’d like the data in this format.