Map versions

The Probable Futures mission includes making climate risk information available as a public resource. In keeping with this mission, we periodically update the underlying data in our map tilesets.

When we make updates, we publish a short summary of the update on the map version history page of the Probable Futures website.

Identifying the version of a map

On the public platform maps, you can always find the version number at the bottom left corner of the map. It will appear in small text such as “Probable Futures map v3” which links to the map version history page mentioned above.

In Probable Futures tilesets, you can always find the version number in the tileset ID. For example, the tileset ID for the tileset that is the eastern portion of the Days above 32°C (90°F) map is probablefutures.40104-east-v3, so it is one half of a version three map (and the other half is the west tileset, called probablefutures.40104-west-v3). Learn more about tilesets.

Use the latest

It is always best to use the latest tilesets. If you have an application, please consider checking for updates at least once a year.